Our Project

About us

PETS & CORK is a young and innovative company of ecological accessories for pets. Our love for nature, added to our passion for animals, have pushed us to create products with low-polluting materials, and always putting the safety and comfort of our pets as central objectives.

The materials used in the manufacture of our products, especially cotton and cork, are of natural and sustainable origin. Cotton offers resistance while cork delights us with its natural textures and colors, reminiscent of those of the Mediterranean forests.

The production is carried out in Spain and it is in charge of local cooperatives and workshops. The purpose of this is to support the National and EU textile sector, trying to mitigate the impact of industrial relocation, and respecting and promoting the rights of workers. All the products are hand-made, which allows us to create unique and top quality goods.

Our suppliers are mostly Spanish and from other European countries. The idea behind this is, on the one hand, to promote the National and European economy, especially in those places with lower income per capita. And, on the other hand, that the environmental impact of transport is reduced. Thus, we managed to further decrease the ecological footprint in our production process.


At PETS & CORK we believe in the necessity to change our consumption habits and move from the use of products from polluting industries to those with a lower ecological footprint, especially in everyday goods. This will contribute positively to the protection and maintenance of the environment, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

This project also arises with the purpose of having a social impact. Thus, PETS & CORK has carefully selected its collaborations, prioritizing cooperation with groups of women and craftwomen, especially in regions and neighborhoods with lower per capita income.

For all of the things mentioned above, we propose the use of accessories for your pet which respect the environment, and that support a fairer economy for the society in which we live.

Social impact

The design is in charge of a team of professionals from various disciplines, who combine ideas to create the products. From his office in Madrid, a creative worker contributes with product design ideas, as well as new innovative proposals. While, from his workshop in Jimena de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain), a renowned designer provides knowledge of materials, experience in design, and makes the creations possible.

The products have been manufactured by the women of the San Pablo de Buceite cooperative, in the province of Cádiz, who put all their years of experience in the textile sector to produce unique pieces. The seamstresses all own a share from their own factory and profits are equally divided among them. The production of the products is manual and following traditional methods, which result in high quality products.

The stamping of the logos on the labels is made by a craftsman who has his workshop in Lavapiés, a neighborhood in Madrid. This master of screen printing carefully stamps the logo on the labels in a completely handmade process.

All these collaborations contribute to developing a network of social and solidarity economy, in which designers, dressmakers, artisans and seamstresses are the main actors.

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Environmental impact

The cork oak contributes to creating very fertile ecosystems for life, both animal and plant. Its forests are inhabited by an abundant number of animals, as well as innumerable plants.

Human societies have taken advantage for a long time of the natural resources offered by this ecosystem, such as cork harvesting. Likewise, from the cork oak forests humans have used the wood of the dead trees, and it is an important place for collecting aromatic and medicinal plants as well as mushrooms. Moreover, it is used for livestock and for recreational use. Furthermore, the fruits of the cork oak, the acorns, feed a wide variety of fauna as well as contribute to the regeneration of the forests.

These forests are great generators of O2 into the atmosphere and, in addition, the Cork oaks are one of the species that absorbs the most CO2 in their photosynthesis. Both factors contribute to improve the environment and to reduce the impact of climate change on earth.