Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products strong enough?

Yes, the products are very resistant. Cotton is one of the most resistant natural fibers that exist. Our products have been tested and have proven to be resistant for each of the sizes produced.

Do the products work for all types of dogs?

Yes, our products can be used for all types of dogs, of all breeds and sizes. Our products adapt well to all types of morphologies, and with its regulators you can adjust it perfectly to your pet’s body.

In addition, the fact that cork and cotton are hypoallergenic materials means that your dog does not have irritations or allergic reactions.

Do these products have a social impact?

Yes, in the manufacture of these accessories, collaborations with groups of craftwomen, cooperatives and designers have been prioritized, especially in regions and neighborhoods with lower per capita income. The idea behind this is to contribute to developing the social and solidarity economy.

Do these products have an environmental impact?

Yes, the use of these products enhances the use of natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials such as cork and cotton. The cork oak is one of the species that absorbs the most CO2 in its photosynthesis. Likewise, the cultivation of cotton plants are also generators of O2.

How are the products made?

Our products are manufactured by the women of the San Palo de Buceite textile cooperative, in the province of Cádiz. They are sewn with industrial machinery unit by unit, and following traditional manufacturing methods to give the products unique finishes